borisBORIS BOO 巫培雙



Boris has been in the Film & TV Industry for almost 20 years, in which he spent more than 6 years as a Scriptwriter in MEDIACORP STUDIOS Chinese Drama Division. During his TV station days, he conceptualized and written more than hundred scripts for various local sitcoms, dramas, and short films. Some of his notable works then were Don’t Worry, Be Happy (《敢敢做个开心人》), The Right Frequency (《播音人》) and My Genie (《我爱精灵》).

During his tenure with J TEAM PRODUCTIONS from 2003 to 2011 as Creative Director, he has been involved in most of the company’s movie screenplays and has played a pivotal role in all the J TEAM’s TV productions. His educational infotainment, Creatively Mine (《我是创新王》) won Star Awards (《红星大奖》) Best Variety Show in its debut year.

In 2007, his work Just Follow Law (《我在政府部门的日子》) was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in the 44th Golden Horse Awards. In the following year, his script The Ghost Blog (《“怖”落格》) came in third in FPP organised by the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival.

In 2009, Boris made his directorial debut as a co-director to Jack Neo’s Where Got Ghost? (《吓到笑》). The movie grossed S$2.8 million and 5.25 million ringgit in the box-office for Singapore and Malaysia respectively.

Boris has just completed his 8th film as a film Director, Lucky Boy.


2016 Lucky Boy – In Post 天公仔(暂名) Director/Screenplay
2016 My Love, Sinema 放映·爱 Story
2015 Who’s Your Daddy? 精无门 Director
2014 Filial Party 我是孝子 Director
2013 Everybody’s Business 人人有份 Screenplay
2013 Taxi! Taxi! 德士当家 Assoc. Producer/ Screenplay
2012 Greedy Ghost 贪心鬼见鬼 Director/ Screenplay
2011 Ghosts Must Be Crazy 鬼也笑 Co-Director
2010 Phua Chu Kang, The Movie 鬼马家族电影版 Director
2009 Aku Tak Bodoh 小孩不笨2马来版 Director
2009 Where Got Ghost? 吓到笑 Co-Director/ Screenplay
2009 Being Human 做人 Story
2009 Love Matters 幸福万岁 Screenplay
2008 Money No Enough 2 钱不够用 2 Story
2007 Ah Long PTE LTD 老师嫁老大 Screenplay
2006 Just Follow Law 我在政府部门的日子 Story
2005 One More Chance 三个好人 Producer/ Story
2004 I Do I Do 爱都·爱都 Screenplay
2003 The Best Bet 突然发财 Story


2016 95th Anniversary Video for Foochow Coffee Restaurant & Bar Merchants Association Producer/Director
2015 Interstitial for LG


2016 K.O (Toggle) – In production Director/Story
2013 Recruits’ Diaries Sitcom
(MCS CH8) 阿兵新传 Director/Story/
2012 BLK 88 Animation Series
(XINMSN) 大牌88 Director/Scriptwriter

Creatively Mine Series 我是创新王 系列
Top Fun Series 欢乐巅峰 系列
Comedy Nite 搞笑行动 系列
Star Run 跑吧!艺人
K-Nite Series Suria 歌唱比赛综艺节目
Don’t Worry Be Happy Series 敢敢做个开心人 系列
The Right Frequency Series 播音人 系列
My Genie Series 我爱精灵 系列
I Not Stupid SITCOM 小孩不笨 电视版
The Best Bet SITCOM 突然发财 电视版
Lobang King 我是 Lobang King
Adam’s Company 亚当周记
Toast Of Love 吃吃面包谈谈情
Katong Miss Oh 加东 Miss Oh
The Void Deckers 我家楼下口多多
Tuition Fever 老师总是比我早
The Oath 行医
A Child’s Hope 孩有明天
On The Frontline 穿梭生死线
Happily Ever After OKTO英语剧