Creative Strategist

Flora Low 劉慧慧

Having graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in Radio-TV- Film, Flora joined the founding team of San Francisco-based Mandarin radio station as a producer/presenter. She later joined MediaCorp of Singapore (former Television Corporation of Singapore) in 1997 as a program development executive spearheading its first Mandarin outsourced content initiative. As a key member of the content development committee, she oversaw the production of prime-time programmes from conceptualization to promotions.

Her media startup experiences also included assuming various key roles during the founding phase of the award-winning Channel U TV channel of former SPH MediaWorks Ltd. Her works in strategic branding and communications as well as international TV and film content acquisition were instrumental to Channel U early successes.

After graduating from Babson College in Entrepreneurship in 2005, she moved to San Francisco Bay Areas and has since been working on various digital marketing and content creation formats with entrepreneurs in technology, media and lifestyle businesses. She is passionate in transmedia storytelling for purpose-driven, interactive content experiences that may deepen meaningful connections. Her decades of independent brand and SME business consultancy works led her to collaborate with cross-cultures teams in locales best known for dynamic creative prowess: Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

Currently, Hui Hui is a lifestyle columnist for Lianhe Zaobao, and she designs experiential learning content for youthful netizens. Her pro bono works include promoting Chan Meditation for peace in Germany, Austria and the U.S. with UN-affiliated NPO – Global Family of Love and Peace.

D2D Pictures Creative Strategist - Flora Low


MBA in Entrepreneurship, Babson College

Winner of 2019 Asian TV Festival Chinese Pitch – Online Movie

Lianhe Zaobao Lifestyle Columist